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Take Us For Granite LLC is a countertop-making company located in Bayville, NJ. I have the best prices in town on all countertops and have a team that works quickly and reliably. My services include the installation of stone countertops, marble countertops, and granite countertops. In addition, I also perform stone, marble, and granite countertop fabrication.

Stone countertops look great in any home. Certain kinds, such as engineered stone, are extremely durable, since they are made out of a quartz material. Stone countertops have a texture that is comparable to natural granite or slight, though the color is a bit more uniform than some of the variations you might see with natural stone. Engineered stone countertops are also very hard, almost as hard as granite, which means they will be very crack-resistant. They are also resistant to heat.

Marble countertops are beautiful. Your color and pattern choices are nearly endless, and one of the best things about marble is that it is not a very trendy material. It is a classic material, which means it is never going to go out of style. Marble countertops can really improve the interior of your home. They are strong, durable, and heat resistant, and they are also easy to clean. Additionally, they will add value to your home.

Like marble, granite is also a timeless material that will never go out of style. The variation that it offers means that you have plenty of patterns, swirls, and colors to choose from. Granite countertops are beautiful and will instantly add value to your home. It is also a clean material that will not cling to bacteria, making clean up a snap.





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Solid surface countertops are both man-made, and a composite of polyester or acrylic polymers, natural pigments and mined minerals. The number one advantage to using these materials in countertops is that it has unnoticeable seams, due to the fact that the color patterns run all the way through the material, it is easily restored once it gets worn. Another reason that solid surface countertops have become increasingly popular is because the sink can be bonded seamlessly to the underside of the countertop. Also, because the material is non-porous, it is very easy to clean and resists staining.
Quartz countertops are made of over 90% natural quartz, which are meticulously graded for color, size and clarity, then they are mixed with natural earth pigments and polymers. This process is what will produce a countertop that is hard and non-porous, preventing the need for sealing. Quartz countertops are often indistinguishable from natural stone countertops.
Often times, granite comes to mind while thinking about natural stone countertops. While Granite is very popular, marble, limestone and travertine are also excellent options. For kitchen countertops, granite is usually the best choice because it is very hard and endures the heavy use that most kitchens usually receive.
For a price-quote on any project, simply call the number on our website. Otherwise, you can also submit an email request form through our website.
After our initial inspection, it usually only takes up to 3 weeks for your stone countertops to be fabricated and installed.